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Business and Personal Development Consultant – Give your team the edge on the competition

Small Business Consulting St Cloud FL: Kat Clukey and her team show her clients How to Reach their ideal future

There is an almost certain result that you have gotten throughout your life. In order to break through to the next level, you will need a higher level of awareness that will put you in touch with your true potential. Most believe they are already aware. We have found that often you need someone on the outside of you to help you zero in on the absolute creative genius that remains dormant inside of you. Break out of your ordinary. Experience extraordinary results like so many others. Learn more today.

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Small Business Consulting St Cloud FL: Find out why so many recommend the success they have achieved through the use of Kat Clukey’s personalized coaching style. Take your business and personal life to new levels. You will be glad you did. Ever feel like you don’t know what you don’t know? You don’t understand why you aren’t achieving better results than you are? Contact us today for FREE no obligation walk through of what our clients learn in the process to improving their businesses and lives. Call us to register for Central Florida events.

We invite local administration to join us to learn about our local resources in which we partner with client company staff to develop real world planning to bring top level training to them.

Our partners can share their corporate policy with us and we can discuss the area they are looking to improve in the most. Our goal is to grow your business organically to include member solutions that support strategic opportunities.

Through years of development many local small business administration individuals have reached out to businesses to increase the economic development of our area. We’d like to partner with these folks in order to see continued growth happen in our cities. Please contact us by phone to plan a time to meet if you are involved in business administration.

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New Idea

Got a New Idea? Let me help you make it a reality.



Imagine being so inspired that the work to be done, doesn’t feel like work.



See Results: Getting game-changer results is what you can expect.



Once you have learned to tap into your creative potential, you will set new goals, explore new desires and obtain new visions of what is possible.

We Believe Everyone Has
Something Important To Say.

  • Have you ever wondered what stands in the way of your full self-expression?
  • Have you had a random thought of a business idea or an idea that you felt might transform everything that you are doing?
  • Do you thrive at your work, or do you find yourself having to push yourself just to do the things you know you ought to do? We can help. There are underlying reasons that many of us are unaware of that hold us back.
  • We aren’t sure how to tap into that inspirational force that carries like a wave to our goals. Kat Clukey will show you how to have the life you love and live the life you have always wanted.
  • Getting you connected with what truly inspires you is our mission. Finding that energy source and utilizing its inspiration to drive your business results is what it is all about for us.
  • We are certain your small business administration will find our tactics inspiring. Community is at the center of our business administration consulting.
  • We provide counsel from business owners and experts in our industry. We are conveniently located in Osceola county and support all of Central Florida and beyond from our location.
  • We encourage you to review stories of entrepreneurs and professionals just like you on this site who have attended our seminars and found that our consultants have brought them solid advice, helping them create a strategy that best supports their success.
  • We invite national, international and local business owners to participate in upcoming events boasting consultants with expertise in market development and expansion as well. Please check our calendar for upcoming events.?
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Some of the our Services

  • Thinking into Results
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Goal Setting
  • Group Relational Awareness
  • Group Growth and Progress
  • Dynamic Leadership Cultivation

We make work fun again. Come alive with new aspirations.

100% Translatable

We are confident that our business ideas will translate well into your organization regardless of culture, experience, or industry.

Unique Methodology

We implement the praised methodology of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, which has a proven track record of success and results.

24 Week Coaching

Our program is designed to transform your organization and you within 24 weeks. It will be a program you will never forget.

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Unlimited Potential

You will feel empowered after your coaching sessions and will begin to see yourself and your potential in a new light.

Groups and Individuals

We work one on one with Groups and Individuals. We get to the heart of the things stopping and thwarting the intentions of individuals and organizations. We go to work on changing the core paradigm responsible for your current results.

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100% Translatable

As mentioned, we pride ourselves on being able to bring our concepts universally to people and organizations.

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Create your new business life. Experience a whole new world.

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"Kat has been an amazing contribution to me and my business. When we had our first "real" meeting about my business, it was not profitable and my annual revenue was not much. Last year we closed the books profitable and revenue was $166,882. Thanks Kat for your help!" - Paul C.