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  • How long is the program?

    Answer:? Thinking into Results is a 24 week process for radical personal transformatio
  • What kind of results would I get?

    Answer:?It depends on how you attack this material.? What I mean by attack, I mean how serious are you doing this program?? Are you doing it because it sounds interesting and it feels good?? Or are you doing it because something?s got to change and you are fully committed to achieving something big?? The answer to those questions will give you the answer.? It is all up to you.
  • Will it work for me?

    Answer:?Absolutely! It can work for anyone who is committed and will give themselves to the process.? Like my mentor Bob Proctor says, ?You?re going to need a telescope to look back at your life 6 months to a year from now.?
  • Can I get extra help if I get stuck?

    Answer: Of course.? You will be able to schedule laser coaching with me to work on something you need extra help in, and the truth is I hope that you feel just a little stuck at times because those are the situations that often yield the biggest growth.
  • What if I want to change my goal?

    Answer: It?s ok.? You will have 2 weeks to come up with a worthy goal and if somehow you discovered something you really want to go after (2 or 3 months later in the program) we can work with that.? Once you go through the program once, you will be able to rinse and repeat.

Other Questions

  • Are there other programs availabe other than Thinking into Results?

    Answer: Yes, there are many different programs available. Please contact me to discover which program suits your needs and budget.
  • Can you list your program?

    personal development program listAnswer: Each one of these programs caters to different people and is unique to the journey you are on. If you need direction on which one is right for you, we are happy to help.
  • Do the courses build on each other?

    Answer: Yes, You can pretty much start anywhere.
  • Do you recommend doing multiple courses at the same time?

    Answer: It can be done. Immersion is usually good. I recommend spending at least an hour per day studying this type of material. The rest will be learned in application.

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